New Year ~ Full Moon ~ New Life


Happy Full Super Moon in Cancer Dreamers!

Welcome to 2018, the magical 11 Master Year where dreams really can come true! Today is such a powerful day, and it is no mere coincidence that this year begins on the second moon of a Super Full Moon triumvirate, or that it falls in the intuitive and nurturing sign of Cancer. This year is going to be BIG in ways we haven’t seen in decades, if not centuries, and we have the beautiful opportunities to change the course of humanity for the better. The master number 11 is the ultimate spiritual number, bringing forth that deep inner knowing we all have within us. Throughout 2018, more and more people will “wake up” and begin looking towards alternative health and wellness methods, deeper connections within their own being, and like-minded communities based on sharing and support. We need this after the past few years. Our Earth needs this too. Cancer is the sign of the Mother, and Mama Earth has been desperately crying out for us to show her some more love and respect. You will find more and more trends towards organic farming, zero-waste lifestyles, and vegan diets, as people subconsciously shift the vibration of our planet. I wouldn’t be surprised either, if we finally crack down on companies like monsanto and big pharma corporations within the next 12 months. Climate Change will also become a bigger and bigger topic, with many new innovations finally being put into practice. There will definitely be some big shifts!

So, why is it so important that the second moon of this powerful triumvirate fall on new year’s day? The first moon we experienced at the beginning of December was our set-up – in other words, it allowed us to begin the process of letting go of what will not serve our highest good. December was a hectic month for many, with very busy minds and bodies, and many of us had much bigger purges than expected. However, it is in our nature to resist change, and that’s where the second moon comes in, and it is so perfect that it is today, of all days. This moon is hear to give us all a little kick in the behind on all those things we’ve been resisting! LET GO! TRUST! If you find yourself under the weather, breaking out, having digestive issues or headaches, there may be a part of you that’s still resisting. Or, you may have just had a really rough year and need a big last minute release. Sit with yourself. Journal. Just be. Surrender where you feel the need to control. Let go of all the things you want so badly for a bit. Remember that old rule, there will be many times in life you will look back and be so very glad you didn’t get what you wanted.   The next and final full moon is also a blue moon on January 31st, and it will catapult us into 2018! That is where the real magic is going to happen, so don’t fret if things seem unsure or uncertain right now. It’s all part of the process.

2018 is going to be one hell of a year, individually and globally, and I can’t wait to see old systems falling and new ones rising forth that better serve the highest good of us all, including our beautiful Earth. Remember, chaos happens right before everything shifts for the better, so allow the madness, find creative outlets, and most of all – LOVE!

Blessed be! Much love!

~ The Salt Yogi

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