We the Wanderers

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There’s nothing like the open road, endless adventure, and brief but heart-shattering connection. For those who’ve spent time wandering, no particular aim, just to move, to explore, to experience, you understand the absolute beauty of true freedom. Most people never get to experience this fully. They get up, send the kids off to school, head to work, come home, make dinner, run the kids around, then go to bed. If that works for you, great! But there’s something magical about giving a big fuck you to the tried system of society, throwing what you can carry on your back, and booking a ticket to an unknown place.


 We are the Wanderers.

 You won’t catch us in fancy hotels and resorts, designer clothes, makeup and perfectly coifed hair. We’re the ones in hats, sun kissed skin, worse for wear clothes, backpack in tow, and hair perpetually messy. Occasionally we might smell a little ripe, it just goes with the territory. We are not tourists, for we are there to immerse ourselves in the culture fully, surrendering our old ways of being to rediscover life in a new way.


 Travellers. Vegabonds. Nomads.

We are the Wanderers.

 None of us are rich, we don’t fund our travels through trust funds or inheritance. We work hard, or work while we’re on the road. It’s not pretty or fancy, but we make do because it’s worth it. Everything we own fits on our back (no rolly suitcases allowed!), and are our most important and treasured possessions. Tents, hostels, huts, and cute cabanas become temporary homes, far from the luxuries of five stars. The oceans, the mountains, the forests, and the stars are our guides, and we’re not afraid to wander off solo in search of self-discovery. The people we meet along the way become our family, offering an unencumbered acceptance and allowance of self. There is no judgment on the road, there is only connection, however brief. You won’t find many selfies on our social media, but you’ll find the world through our eyes – nature landscapes, cityscapes, and everything in between.


 We are the ones sitting alone, little smile on our face, absorbing everything around us.

 We are the ones who say hi to strangers.

 We are the ones with great stories of grand adventures in far away lands.

 We are the ones who surf and ski, climb mountains and volcanoes, and get lost in lush jungles.

 We are the ones who fall in love easily, having glorious love affairs along the way.

 We are the ones who, when we are “home”, are always planning the next adventure.

 We are the ones out there saving the earth, minimizing our carbon footprint, cleaning up beaches and parks, educating.

 We are the ones constantly losing ourselves and finding ourselves, discovering the beautiful depths of our being.


 We are the Wanderers…

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