My soul feels suffocated…

When I travel, I meet people as they are. No pretence, no masks, just an openness and freedom that comes from being open to whatever presents. Back home, where I am now, it seems most people care more about branding and trends than they do about authenticity and transparency. It’s a world of filters and presets, and polite dispositions. I crave raw. I crave passion and adventure. I crave ripping down every mask I’ve ever worn to show the true depth of my being to the world, whether judged or not. People are scared. They’re looking for the “5 steps to becoming your authentic self”, not realizing those five steps were developed by and for the writer, and can never be a one size fits all. I work in the self help and wellness industry, and the idea that what I do could be broken down simply enough to brand is laughable. I don’t want you to be like me, or some celebrity, or anyone else. You are you. Perfect and, in every possible way, unique. The world needs you, the real you, not another fabricated mask based off fear of rejection. There will always be judgement thrown at you. It’s not your job to prove yourself. You don’t owe that to anyone. Be the badass soul this universe created you to be and don’t waste one moment explaining yourself to anyone. This is your life, babe, so can the filters, throw off the mask, and dare to be every inch of your glorious self. Stop living your life in fear of pain. Pain is inevitable, and you’ll meet people along the way who are there to teach you, to break you, to build you up, and to love you. Meet people as you are. Inspire them to rise to all they can be. It’s time.

Peace ✌🏻😘

~ The Salt Yogi

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