Certified Life Coach

Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher 200hr

Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider

Registered Massage Therapist

Reiki Master

Retreat Facilitator

The “official” bio: A tantrika is defined as a woman who isn’t defined by anything, living compassionately, lovingly, blissfully, and fearlessly, and that is what Jodi Cronyn aims to embody. A yogi, wellness enthusiast, world traveller, and soul seeker, her love of writing and expression developed at a young age, and she has since gone on to share her work through her blog and social media. For inspiration, Jodi looks to the people in her life, her adventures on the road, and the many secrets that nature has to offer us. You can often find her planning her next adventure, at her local yoga studio, or sitting next to a tree, absorbing the wisdom of our leafed friends. Passion is everything she stands for in life, encouraging people to live more from the heart, and less from the mind. Dreams are always worth seeking. Adventures are always worth having. A heart is always worth loving. Peace, always.

The real me: I love life – truly and fully. I love the fuck out of it. Yes, you’ll find if you follow along on my blog, I swear a lot and I can be rather blunt, but it’s all with excitement and good intentions. This world is so filtered, so politically correct, and while I believe strongly in kindness and compassion, I also believe we need to drop the social niceties and get real with each other. My favourite part of a person is their morning face – no makeup, tousled from sleep, raw, vulnerable… I love the sun, but could get lost in the rain for hours and my little heart would be as happy as could be. Crying is by far the best way to heal, followed by laughter and a good long walk. If I could change one thing about my life, I would live on the ocean, surf everyday, and eat more avocados the size of my head (seriously, the avocados in Nicaragua are the size of my head!!). My life has been filled with ups and downs, challenges and triumphs, and I’ll tell bits of my story along the way. This past year, my wanderlust has kicked back into high gear, and I’m excited to head back to Nicaragua, visit Morocco and Alberta, and hopefully make it to Iceland and Mexico as well.

What can you expect here on this blog? Really, anything goes. I follow my own inner compass, and I fear it has no north much of the time, so organization isn’t my strongest suit. I will share my travels, my yoga, food, thoughts, opinions, art, poetry, and whatever my little heart desires. Know that everything here is a piece of my soul, raw and unfiltered.

Much love

~ The Salt Yogi

IG: @thesaltyogi

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