How Did We Get Here?

I wake up today, not really know what to say. It is a rarity for me, for most of the time words and thoughts flow through, inspiration my closest companion. But today… Today I am saddened. I look around at this world and I think, ” how did we get here?” Donald Tump – a…


My soul feels suffocated… When I travel, I meet people as they are. No pretence, no masks, just an openness and freedom that comes from being open to whatever presents. Back home, where I am now, it seems most people care more about branding and trends than they do about authenticity and transparency. It’s a…

Live Your Life and Screw Resolutions

Goodbye to the old, hello to the new!

2017, you’ve been one hell of a year. You’ve beaten me bloody, woke me the hell up, showed me paradise beyond belief, and helped me to finally find true love for my own damn self.