Winter Solstice Gathering


When: December 21, 2018, 8-10pm

Where: Rebirth Wellness Centre

Price: $25/person (prepayment required for registration)

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The Saoi Systirs, Jodi Cronyn and Charlotte Brennan, are back for the first time since Autumn Equinox for this very sacred day – Winter Solstice. The shortest day of the year, and time of ancient celebration calling for the sun once more. This year, the Full Moon in Cancer falls on the morning of the 22nd, so the beautiful moon vibes will be adding to the overall experience. Cancer is ruled by the moon, and is associated with home, family, and friends, and we would love to have you gather with us. This will be an evening of deep healing, of journeying into your own shadow, and celebrating your own light. There will be guided meditation, movement, journaling, a burning ceremony, and a strong supportive community.

What to bring: yoga mat, journal & pen, mug for tea