A Review from Cody

There’s nothing in this world that makes me happier than seeing positive change and forward momentum in the people in my life. I’ve been running wellness retreats for a while now, and reading reviews from regular students and clients is always one of the best experiences! Here’s what Cody had to say about our last retreat in Nicaragua:


How do you describe the most humbling and enlightening experience of your life without it turning into a novel? I had to ask myself this question when I sat down to write a review about the Seva Surf Yoga retreat hosted by Jodi Cronyn. If you’re looking to ‘get lost in the right direction’, this retreat is for you.

Jodi has been my massage therapist/soul healer/life coach for the last two years. I had an early onset of the winter blues throughout most of the fall and at much of Jodi’s urging and my resisting, I finally gave in and decided to attend her retreat at El Coco Loco Eco-Resort in gorgeous Nicaragua. I don’t know exactly what I was expecting when I decided to come. I knew things in my life were not working out the way I wanted them to and I couldn’t remember what actually makes me happy anymore. I just needed to reconnect with myself. To be honest, I wasn’t really sold on the idea that a week of surfing (which I had no interest in doing) and yoga (which I had fallen out of love with) was going to get me any closer to figuring out the off broadway shit show my life had become. But, thankfully, as per usual, I was WRONG.


As it turns out, I actually love surfing! Who would have thought I’d discover that at 37 years old? I found myself waking up everyday so stoked to keep trying to paddle myself into waves. It is so exhilarating. And then as for yoga, I have not stopped doing it at least daily since I got home from the retreat Nicaragua. My body has never felt so good and pain free. Furthermore, as a huge added bonus, after many years of failed attempts to meditate, I found myself deep in meditation by the second day in our sunset yin yoga session. Imagine coming out of your last yoga pose to the most beautiful sunset you have ever seen. It did wonders for my soul to say the least.

Throughout my journey, Jodi was there holding space with her strong, loving and supportive presence. She carefully guided and encouraged my self discovery and emotional breakthroughs. Her yoga classes are intimate and hands on. I always felt very connected to her and the others guests in our twice daily practice. Yoga first thing in the morning was the perfect way to prep our bodies for hitting the waves afterwards.

Photo 2018-01-10, 6 34 22 PM

As for the resort, El Coco Loco Eco Resort is forever sacred to me. I’ve never been to a small intimate resort like this before, and I don’t think I can ever go back. The food was delicious. I loved everything I ate! Ultra fresh, organic, and prepared with love. I felt overfed for most of my stay and I still managed to lose weight. They were able to accommodate for all diets and no one was ever disappointed with their meals.

The staff are incredibly friendly and attentive, you are always well cared for. The resort is secluded and safe, I never felt the need to lock my doors. It is gorgeous, well maintained and clean. There is also an undeniable positive energy and chilled out vibe at the resort. It took me a day to get accustomed to with my busy North American mind, but once I settled, my iPhone stayed on airplane mode for the remainder of the week and I was truly ‘present’ for the first time in years. The owners really do make you feel like you are family here.


Then there was the incredible group of people that I came to think of as my ‘retreat family’ who came from all over the world. It was great to be surrounded by like minded, supportive, and non judgement people. I will forever hold a special place in my heart for every one that I met on that short journey we all shared in Nicaragua.

As a part of the retreat, we volunteered to help renovate a school for El Coco Loco’s charity Waves of Hope. It was very humbling to work and give back to the Nicaraguan locals who made my stay so very special.

I am forever thankful to Jodi for hosting this retreat. It has changed my outlook and attitude towards life.
I’m truly grateful for the first time in my life. I rediscovered joy, play, peace of mind, self love, and acceptance (and much more…)


I’ve recommended this retreat to all of my coworkers and friends who need some healing, self discovery, energy boost, perspective or just a ‘retreat’ from their crazy lives.

‘Get lost in the right direction.’

I did and I can’t wait to do it again in October of 2018.

With Gratitude forever,

Cody Crosby

*Next retreat is happening at Coco Loco again, October 20-27. Check out the deets!*

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